Baby Sleep

Infant and Toddler Sleep Webinars remain available on youtube, with over 30 topics to view, ranging from age-and-stage based concerns (“Sleep and Nap Patterns” by age and stage) to specific concerns such as early-morning waking, time change issues, sleep and travel tips, transition from parent’s room to baby’s room, or from crib to toddler bed.

See Infant Toddler Sleep videos on youtube.

Looking for personalized sleep support? You’re in the right place.
I am available to assist families with newborn sleep, soothing and settling methods, and realistic, developmentally appropriate daytime and nighttime routines. Personalized consults are available in person, by phone or via google hangout.
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Need assistance for older babies and children up to age five years?
My friends and colleagues can help!

Baby Sleep Science – Phone Consults for infants and children. Co-sleeping, breastfeeding, room transitions, time changes and travel, managing sleep when there are health concerns or potty-learning underway, sibling issues or room sharing,  and managing TWIN sleep are particular specialties of this team.
Meg and Erin are flexible, affordable, fantastic and have conducted over 6000 phone-based sleep consults! Highly recommended if you are struggling with sleep.
Meghan Casano, BSN, MA  and Erin Flynn-Evans, PhD, ALM, MPH

Stewart Family Solutions Sleep, home and car seat safety, and Infant/Child CPR classes in the Boston area. Teresa provides phone consults for personalized help with infant and toddler sleep and child development questions. She is warm, caring and attentive to each individual family situation.
Teresa Stewart, MPH