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Details, fees and logistics for Home Visits and Phone Consults

Private Consultations: Home Visits for New Parents 
Lactation and Feeding Consults for all breastfeeding and pumping concerns including: sore nipples, low milk production, slow weight gain, reflux/GERD, managing oversupply/OALD, latching concerns, late preterm babies, and infants with jaundice, low muscle tone, oral anatomy differences, hip dysplasia or torticollis. Returning to work, pump selection and use, expressing, storing and feeding milk, bottle-refusal, introducing solid foods, partial or full weaning.
Second opinions or a fresh look on complex situations welcome.

Ongoing follow ups and check-ins: Growing babies comes with dozens of questions! Check-ins offer time to discuss topics including feeding (breast, bottle, cups, advancing solid foods), daytime napping and nighttime sleep,  temperament and colic support,  gross motor, fine motor and language development, developmental play activities, child-proofing and home safety and many other early-parenting topics or concerns.
Have a playgroup or several friends? Arrange a Group Session on a selected topic of your choice.

Home Visits available in the metro Boston area and San Francisco, and may be reimbursed by your insurance company or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). 

Details, fees and logistics for Home Visits and Phone Consults

For Businesses or Organizations:
Content development, curriculum creation and assistance with language, social media and materials that actively engage new moms.  Customized single or multi-session online or in-person programs and classes, and single or group coaching and training for parents and professionals.
Product innovation, development and feedback. Collaborating on smarter (connected, IoT) maternal and child health devices and products, including breastpumps, sleep support and feeding products, sensors and tracker innovations.

You’re in Great Company!
Here’s a partial list of organizations I’ve worked with:
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Tufts New England Medical Center
Boston Children’s Hospital
UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital
Medela US
Bravado Designs
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
Harvard Medical School
Burning Man Org (yes, really!)
Bright Horizons
AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric & Neonatal Nurses)
Maternity Centers of America
Baby + Company Birth Centers
The Other Baby Book
NPR and WNYC – The Longest Shortest Time
March of Dimes
The Chubb Group
Dr. Alan Greene
CHOA (Children’s Hospital of Atlanta)
Boston University Child Development Lab
BU School of Public Health
Boston Maternal Fetal Medicine
MPQC (Massachusetts Perinatal Quality Collaborative)
NüRoo Baby
The Baby Channel

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